Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Artslam 34-37

Short animatic that shows how Neko got his powers. No one's supposed to know yet, but the only reason why he's evil is because Cerberus possessed his body. He usually exists only as a regular spirit, not as a zodiac, as he never finished the race. Probably only makes sense to me but oh well...

The ritual by which Neko creates the soul monsters. Using this method he can create hundreds of monsters at a time, and potentially create an army. The blood is used to bind the souls to him, so that they give him unconditional obedience.

Another type of soul monster, Devouring Souls, often called Devourers. They are usually the souls of people who were impoverished during their lives. They have an insatiable hunger, and can smell humans from hundreds of miles away.

Yet another redesign for Buta. Only changed the belt this time though.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Artslam 27-33

I've actually been really lazy the past week or so, gaming a lot and trying to finish a few old games I left unfinished. I finished Dragon Age earlier this afternoon, so I decided to stop procrastinating...

Neko can manipulate his magic into the shape of weapons. It's just one of the things he does. This one's a whip with a blade on the end. As with most things, it looked better in my head...

A new weapon for Nezumi. I admit, I pretty much stole this from the Prince of Persia movie. He has a device on his wrists, hidden in his sleeves, that dispenses these "needles".

On the topic of Nezumi, I've been thinking of redesigning his guardian for a while. After drawing a few of the male characters, I felt all their hair kinda looked the same. The one on the far left is what he looks like currently. I like the one on the far right the best though, heh.

While we're talking about male characters, I doodled a simple ref for Kyle. Needed to remember how his hair is, because I drew it wrong in the recent comic drafts. I also kind of epic fail at drawing kids next to adults.

Winter outfits for Purgatory arc:




Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nanomango 17-28

What is this I don't even???

Page from chapter 6. I haven't actually written up to this point yet, but I had this in mind and had to get it down before I forget!

The sequence shortly before this. This takes place in chapter 9, I can't wait to write/draw it! Sorry for the change in colour between pages, my trusty pen ran out of ink halfway and I had to find another. T_T

God doing this with a touchpad takes so loooong.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nanomango pages 12-16

Three rough sketches of a fight sequence for later on:

Chapter 5 pages 3 and 4:

Artslam 23

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Artslam 20-22

Welcome to the Zodiac Battle interface.
You have selected TUTORIAL.

Which tutorial do you wish to view?

You have chosen ELEMENTS.

There are five elements in total: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and
Water. They can be used in a strategic capacity to deal the
maximum damage possible.

For example:
TORA is of the element Wood. His basic attacks will be effective
against a zodiac with the Earth affinity. Furthermore, his
secondary element is Fire, making his attacks effective against
a zodiac with the Metal affinity.


Which tutorial do you wish to view?

You have chosen COMMANDS.

In addition to their primary and secondary elements, zodiacs may
utilize the power of any element for a short time, through user
inputted commands from the interface. These are called Offensive

On top of Offensive commands, there are also Defensive commands.
At present, there are only two known Defensive commands - the
Shield command (防) and the Speed command (快).

The Shield enables the zodiac to absorb a certain amount of
damage. It can absorb up to 50 points of damage, and lasts up
to 20 seconds if no damage is done.

The Speed increases a zodiac's speed attribute by 30 for 15


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Artslam 18

Somehow this only looked really good in my head.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Artslam 10-17

I figure there wouldn't be any harm just posting the comic drafts here, no?

Yeah, I messed up with the arms in the last panel, I usually fix things like this before doing lineart. ^^

Once Inu gets over his grudge, Tora really doesn't hate him. They used to be BFFs!

More sketches of Matthaus. He used to be a detective before being drafted into the army for WW2. Tora was his partner before revealing himself to be something much more.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Artslam 6-9

Hmm, in hindsight, combining this with Nanomango may have been a bad idea... Come on self, YOU CAN DO IT!

As promised, flashback!Tora and Inu's guardians. I made a few calculation errors while doing research, which is why I crossed out the writeups, but after thinking it through a little I thought it'd still be relevant. Anyway, the flashback chapter takes place in 1945, just at the tail end of World War 2.

The basic idea I have for them is that Victor will be so pissed off at Matthaus that he will force Tora to betray Inu, resulting in their falling out and the explanation behind Inu's grudge against Tora. I'm really looking forward to drawing them! (I'm sure there is a special place in hell for people who fangirl over their own characters.)

This is Steven and Kyle Warner, and they're brothers. Their family runs a dairy farm in outback Australia. (Victoria, to be precise) Their partners are Uma (the horse) and Hitsuji (the goat) respectively. They'll be making their debut in chapter 5, so I'm not quite ready to divulge their personalities just yet.

Somewhat old sketch - Nicole (Inu's guardian) and Russel (Nezumi's guardian) in their second arc outfits.

Page of random sketches! I should really draw Usagi more.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Artslam 4-5

Souls that continue to hold a grudge even after death are known as Vengeful Souls. Although they are harmless in their normal form (like all other souls), they are ruthless killing machines when transformed. Every claw and spine on their body is tipped with poison, and on top of that they can spit poison from their mouths. Once transformed, they will carry out their master's orders until death.

Proud Souls are often the souls of those who wielded power before death. Once transformed, they will obey their master's orders without question. They do not have an actual material form, their souls simply occupy the spaces in the armour. The crystal on their shields contains their main essence, and they are defeated once this crystal is destroyed. Although it is displayed prominently on the shield, it takes a great force to actually shatter the crystal. The colour of the crystal and their soul essence can vary, depending on their personalities when they were alive.

If any of these designs look familiar... Vengeful souls are kind of a bastard cross of xenomorphs and zerglings, and I kinda-sorta stole the Proud souls armour design from the Angelo mobs in Devil May Cry 4.