Sunday, May 31, 2009

panel in-progress

This is a panel I've been working on for page 11 of the comic; it needed some detail so I decided to work on it separately.


Welcome to the Zodiac Battle public development blog! Before this, I've been posting ideas and other thoughts into friends-locked posts on my livejournal. I figured this might be an easier way to keep track of things, and it won't clog up my lj too. I'll try to post about each of the animals every day, because I have a huge backlog of them to catch up with. XD

Just to kick things off for a first post, let's introduce one of the main characters - Tora.

Name: Tora (虎)
Zodiac position:

Tora is a dynamite on a short fuse, to put it mildly. Although his position and animal personification may exude some grandeur, his generation seems to be shorter than usual. A lot of the other animals make fun of him for this, so he tries to make up for that in other areas.

He doesn't really have a weapon, and prefers to use his fists to fight. Aside from that, he can also summon flames to enhance his punches. He has a lot of upper body strength to compensate for the lack of an actual weapon.